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This page contains links to documentation for FairCom's products in HTML, Windows Help, and PDF formats. Follow the links below to your preferred format.

Note: For Microsoft Windows HTML Help files (.chm) you will need to save the file to your local disk rather than opening the file directly due to Internet Explorer security restrictions. After you download, right-click on the file, choose Properties, and click the "Unblock" option to allow the file to open properly. A complete description of this process is available from Microsoft's web site.

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Documentation to Get Started

Latest Technical Updates




c‑treeACE V10.3 Update Guide - New Release!


c‑treeACE V10.3 Release Notes - New Release!


c‑treeACE V10.0 Update Guide


c‑treeACE V10.0 Release Notes




c‑treeACE Server

c‑treeACE Administrator's Guide


c‑treeACE ISAM and Low-Level APIs

c‑treeACE Programmer's Reference and Function Reference Guide



c‑treeDB C API Developer's Guide


c‑treeDB C++ API Developer's Guide


c‑treeDB.NET Developer's Guide


c‑treeDB Virtual Tables


c‑treeDB Java Developer's Guide




c‑treeACE SQL

c‑treeACE SQL Reference Guide


c‑treeACE SQL Operations Guide


c‑treeACE SQL Java Stored Procedures and Triggers


c‑treeACE SQL ISQL and Tools Reference Guide


c‑treeACE SQL ADO.NET Data Provider




c‑treeACE SQL JDBC Driver Guide


c‑treeACE SQL ODBC Driver Guide


c‑treeACE SQL dbExpress Driver (dBX)


c‑treeACE Direct SQL


c‑treeACE SQL Embedded SQL User's Guide



c‑treeVCL/CLX Developer's Guide


c‑tree Plus ODBC Drivers and Developer's Guide

c‑tree ODBC Driver - c‑tree Plus Edition Guide


c‑treeRTG Ready-to-Go Products

c‑treeRTG V10.3 Update Guide - New Release!


c‑treeRTG V10.3 Release Notes - New Release!


c‑treeRTG COBOL Edition & c‑treeRTG BTRV Edition


c‑treeAMS Advanced Modules Series

c‑treeAMS Replication Agent


c‑treeACE Tools and Utilities

Command Line Tools


c‑treeACE Upgrade Guides

Steps to Upgrade c‑treeACE




Upgrade Notes for Developers




More about Upgrading c‑treeACE





Legacy Documentation

In order to meet the needs of small to medium sized Contact Centers (10 – 200 seats), Zeacom developed its flagship product QMaster™. This Windows-based CTI solution utilizes an Intelligent Call Delivery (ICD) matrix to maximize the Contact Centers’ operational performance while enhancing customer service levels.

Corus™, Zeacom’s Enterprise Messaging application, also works extremely well as a complement to the Q-Master system. This application is specifically designed to manage all telephony communications in a single unified messaging environment. With easy to use graphical user interfaces and clever caller recognition devices, Corus modules can work independently or can be integrated to form a complete call management solution.

Zeacom was confident in selecting FairCom as a database partner because of both the technology and the company behind that technology. The technology was a good fit for Zeacom because it matched the direction of their development work. Specifically, the performance of c-tree Plus was reliable and predictable, and it suited the real time nature of the Zeacom application. FairCom’s technology was also very portable, allowing Zeacom to easily support a variety of platforms.

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